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Our mission is to serve God by providing a supportive environment for the empowerment of women recovering from life controlling issues.

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Our 501c3 organization is staffed by volunteers and offers a variety of services free of charge or at a substantially discounted rate.

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Wits End Resources started as a dream that Pam Herman had 34 years ago.  One-night, lying in bed, she had a vision of a house where women lived.  She knew exactly what the house looked like.  As someone who doesn’t usually remember her dreams this dream was different, she remembered every detail of it and it never left her.  

Addiction happened, she moved from Oklahoma to Florida and got sober.  She became convinced the house was to be a place for women in recovery.  After much prayer, discussion and search, no house appeared.  Recovery happened, education, family and career became her focus.  Over time she lost faith, her vision faded and her dream was laid to the side. 

Years  later, while sitting in church with her husband, the pastor delivered a message from Psalms 107:27.  This Psalms states “they reeled and staggered like drunkards: they were at their wits’ end.”  Pam’s husband commented that “Wits’ End” would be a good name for a recovery program.  No longer seeing the house, Pam began using the name “Wits’ End Resources” for her private practice.

Then a friend, whom Pam had told about her dream for a women’s house, said she had had a dream with the same house in it.  She said that she saw the house, knew it was Pam’s house and encouraged her.  After doing some reflection on her personal life and receiving strong encouragement from her sponsor and others, Pam knew she had to pursue the vision once again.  While she was hesitant about trying, she was more concerned that she would lay on her death bed and wonder what might have happened if she had tried. 

In May of 2018 a planning meeting was held with several volunteers.  Over the next year the ground work was  laid including the approval of a 501c3 application to establish Wits’ End Resources as a nonprofit organization.  Doors have opened and people have contributed their time, energy and resources.  The vision for the house has clarified as a place for women in recovery to grow spiritually. However no house has, as of yet,  materialized.

However  St. Mary's Episcopal Church has offered  us a place to begin services with a resource center.  This resource center is now operational. We are  assisting women recovering from any “life controlling issue”.  Staffed by recovery minded volunteers and professionals, a wide range of services are offered for free or at a substantial discount from the going commercial rates.  Community Partners are being solicited and a permanent location is being sought.


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